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Duskvol is a thriving metropolis with a burgeoning bureaucracy of wordsmiths, measurerulers, and beancounters powering its electroplasmic underbelly. You are one of the tens of thousands who go unnoticed; those who toil daily from tiny box to larger box to tiny box in service of a clockwork organization that groans under the collective choir of processes, paperwork, and team meetings. This is your life, your everyday - you Quotidian you. 

When you play a Quotidian, you earn xp at the end of each session just because. You’ve ingratiated yourself to the system and will be rewarded meagerly. You’ve chosen to dabble in a life of crime, but there’s no denying it - your existence is comfortable, if sometimes bleak. 

Who brought you into the fold with the others? What thrill from a life of crime can you not get from your day job? Did you think your life would end up this way? 



Blades in the Dark by John Harper.

Written by Ray Chou.

The Quotidian was designed for the Unusual Suspects Jam in September 2020.

Inspired by the Blades in the Dark Discord Community

Playbook Image Courtesy of Artur Tumasjan.

Playbook Template Courtesy of aesopian and Small Cool Games

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Hey! this playbook is amazing and I love everything its bringing. Question- is this guy supposed to be someone from What We Do in the Shadows? Thanks!


haha definitely partially inspired by a certain energy vampire :P