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Pro Patria Mori is a micro-rpg where you play a soldier in 1917 with two stats: FEAR and GRIT. 

Play it online with our virtual play surface here.

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Pro Patria Mori is designed as a zero-prep one shot tabletop RPG experience lasting around 1-2 hours. Character creation takes less than a minute and robust meta-structure coupled with  setting and encounter tables allows a GM to begin crafting a narrative with virtually zero prep. 

Under the hood, Pro Patria Mori was inspired by the following games and mechanics:

  • Quantum Load and Downtime from Blades in the Dark.
  • Bicameral Stat and Resolution mechanic from Honey Heist.
  • Metanarrative Structure and Ruin Track from Trophy Dark.
  • 11-66 random tables from our previous game, The Love Balloon.

Pro Patria Mori is currently in active beta testing via the virtual play surface linked above. A PDF version is forthcoming. If you've played the game please rate and comment below! 


Art Pictured: Les Poilus by Louis Abel Truchet. 

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the Republic of France

Creative Commons